Kelly Ryan 69LP Re-Mix Feedwagon


Ingredients are returned to the box and completely blended before unloading.
Mixes additives evenly throughout the load
All chains and stub recycle auger run in unison for optimum capacity
Mixing time — 4 to 5 minutes
Trouble-free chain and flight action
All-steel welded construction
Low profile for easy loading
Low power for easy mixing
Easy control of feed placement with less spillage or over-filling
Standard Features:
High visibility front discharge with overhang spout
Strong apron chain (pintle on 5’ widths) where a slow, steady drag is required
Lift chain is high-speed roller for smooth action and long life
High-strength axles, spindles and hubs
Oil bath gearbox
Shear pin PTO

Box Size 4' x 10' 4' x 12' 5' x 12' 5' x 14'
Weight 1,800 2,160 2,680 3,900
Overall Length 182" 206" 213" 240"
Overall Width 80" 80" 92" 92"
Discharge Height 48" 48" 48" 50"
Leaf Springs Optional Optional Optional Standard
Capacity 115 Bu. 140 Bu. 190 Bu. 250 Bu.

Cycles forages and fibrous materials that are so difficult for some auger type wagons. Also mixes additives evenly throughout the load. All the chains and the stub recycle auger run in unison for optimum capacity.
Optional Features:
Bunk rail
Flotation tires
Scoop rack
Electronic scales
Cross conveyor extension
Plastic floor
Stage coach rear end