7' Bagger

Only 7’ bagger on the market
No wheels to move, the machine is always in operating position
Tractor positioned in front-center of machine

8'- 9' - 10' Bagger

Puts up to 15% more in the bag than bottom-pack units
Packs more punch from the center, with less H.P. for tighter, more uniform bags of feed.

12' Bagger

One-man bag lift-loader, standard 100” packing rotor for more capacity
"The 12-foot Centerline is easy to operate and it’s affordable, even with the current milk prices. Plus, it allows me to bag a big quantity in small areas.” Greg Tollefson – Whitehall, Wisconsi

Centerline Pro

New two-piece Centerline Pro
Hydraulic platform/beater drive
Apron speeds up to 20’ per minute for fast truck unload

Bagger Tender

Dump big loads of forage and go back for more.
Units have 3 hydraulic-drive motors & no gearboxes
Available in different sizes